2020/2021 Preschool Registration

Preschool Registration Now Open! 
Program begins on Monday, September 21st, 2020.
(See the bottom of the page for FAQ regarding COVID-19 related protocols)
Our Preschool program is open to children 2.5 years until school-age. Children must turn 2 years before April 1, 2020, and have started to show interest in potty-training.
Children will enjoy a structured play environment which will include learning opportunities that will prepare them for Elementary School. Our curriculum includes daily crafts, science exposure, music & circle time, fine & gross motor skill building, special events, and holiday celebrations.
Physical activity opportunities are also made available with both indoor and outdoor play. The program includes a morning snack and all program materials.
The program runs from September 21, 2020 – June 2021(Final end date TBD).
The program will run from 9am-12pm, daily, Monday to Friday. Participants have the option to register for full-time or part-time.
Fees for 2020/2021:
1 child – 1 day per week – $70.00/month
1 child – 2 days per week – $125.00/month
1 child – 3 days per week – $181.00/month
1 child – 4 days per week – $236.00/month
1 child – 5 days per week – $291.00/month
** Multiple children pricing available **

Preschool Program – FAQ related to COVID-19 protocols: 

Group Size

Our Preschool Program will cap classes at 10 participants each day for the time being. As public health guidelines relax, it is possible we will add additional participants.


Children are not required to wear non-medical masks during our Preschool Program. Our classrooms will be considered as their own “bubble” and instructors will not be required to wear non-medical masks while inside the classroom with the participants. Staff may choose to wear a non-medical mask when within close proximity to other adults (ie: other staff, parents at drop off & pick up, etc) and will be required to wear a mask if dealing with a child that is exhibiting symptoms.

Drop off & Screening

Participants will be welcomed at the side entrance directly into our Preschool classroom (Art Room). Parents will be asked to sign in their children and acknowledge completion of the COVID-screening tool. We ask that parents wear a non-medical mask during drop off & pick up. We will work with parents & their children to help ease anxieties about joining the Preschool program, however, parents will not be permitted inside our classroom at any time. Our instructors will be outside during drop off and will work with parents to ensure an efficient and easy process for everyone.

Toys & storybooks

Due to current public health guidelines, we have removed toys that include fabric or soft materials such as barbies, ponies, dolls, dress-up clothes, books, soft puzzles, etc. Our instructors will ensure the children have access to stories & books by reading to your children throughout the course of their day & playtime.


We have enhanced our cleaning protocols to ensure that all classroom items (toys, tables, chairs, switches, handles, etc) are disinfected before & after each use daily. This includes all classroom toys and gymnasium equipment.

Gym play & outdoor play

We will work to ensure the children have an opportunity for active play daily. This may be outside on our playground or in our gymnasium. If the playground is being used by members of the public, we will not use the playground at the same time. Children will be required to wash their hands before & after using playground equipment. We will only permit the use of age-appropriate playground equipment for our class.


To increase airflow our instructors are encouraged to open windows in their classroom when appropriate. The ventilation system is also monitored at our facility monthly by HRM.


Our instructors will individually serve a snack to our participants. Children will be spread out at their tables to ensure adequate spacing and help reduce the risk of sharing food items.

Program Curriculum

Our program focuses on preparing children for their next step in Elementary School. We work with children to learn numbers, letters, colors, writing their name, sharing, line ups, manners, caring, playground safety, active games, following rules & instruction, independently dressing, potty training, and more!