FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 2024-06-07

Q: What is the Resource Opportunities Centre?

A: The ROC is a not for profit society made up of members from the Prospect Area Communities. The ROC is a community-based organization dedicated to sustainability and community development through the delivery of diverse recreational, educational, cultural, social, and technology-related opportunities, made up of residents from the Prospect Area Communities.

Q: Do my taxes go to pay for the Centre?

A: The area rate added to property taxes does not go to the ROC or PRCC. The area rate is collect by HRM and given to the Prospect Road Recreation Association to distribute to recreational projects along the Prospect Road. PRCC applies for a $10,000 grant each year from the PRRA. The PRCC does receive subsidies from the greater HRM budget to assist with power and operating the building.

Q: Is the PRCC operated by the Halifax Regional Municipality?

A: The PRCC is operated by the ROC through a Facility Operating Agreement with HRM. The PRCC does not provide HRM staff discounts.

Q: What are you doing with the Otter Lake Integration Funds?

A: Three allocations were provided to groups serving the Prospect Road. The councillor’s funds require community consultation and to be used in Goodwood. Western Commons Trail Committee was provided funds to support the development of the trail behind PRCC. The Centre was provided $325k to be used specifically onsite for non-operational projects. Managers are currently assessing possible uses that will create additional program and event space.

Q: Why are you providing 2SLGBTQQIA+ programs and events?

A: The ROC does not discriminate against age, culture, sexuality, or gender and does not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any programs or services affiliated with the ROC. The ROC supports its welcoming and diverse employees, volunteers, and community members. PRCC staff members have done an amazing job creating specific programs for various groups of people, including seniors or female only. You can find more information by reading our “Inclusivity Policy”, found here “policies”

Q: Does the ROC work with other organizations to develop programs and services?

A: The ROC’s purpose is to support initiatives as an umbrella organization. However, at this time our efforts are focused on the Prospect Road Community Centre. As such, as are not able to apply for funding on behalf or hold money for other organizations. As the ROC progresses through our three year action plan, we will begin to broaden our mandate to support more community groups and programs.

Q: Why can’t we have a pool or ice rink?

A: ROC and PRCC have discussed building a pool or rink at the Centre. Although the Centre is not operated by HRM, the building and surrounding land is owned by HRM. Due to costs to build, maintain, insure, and operate, it is not feasible to put either a pool or rink in place in the area.

Q: How can I volunteer or what if I have an idea?

A: The ROC has committees available that community members can be a part of. The PRCC also has many opportunities for community to volunteer. In fact, many programs and services at the PRCC are volunteer based or have been created by a community member.


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