ROC & Board


The Resource Opportunities Centre (ROC) is the not for profit, community development organization that operates the Prospect Road Community Centre.

ROC Vision:   To encourage & promote a welcoming, thriving, innovative community.

ROC Mission:  The ROC is a community-based organization dedicated to sustainability and community development through the delivery of diverse recreational, educational, cultural, social and technology-related opportunities.

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Action Plan

The Resource Opportunities Centre’s Board of Directors developed a three-year Action Plan to guide its efforts for the operations of the ProspectRoad Community Centre and broader ROC initiatives. The Action Plan was informed by survey feedback received in 2023 from just over 350respondents from the Prospect Road and area communities, the Prospect Road Community Centre staff, and the Resource Opportunities Centre Board of Directors.

The surveys were thematically reported to the ROC Board and reviewed in partnership with HRM Community Planners. The Action Plan will be implemented between January 2024 and January 2027.

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