Youth Sport Drop-In



Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions this program is not currently available.

Available Sept – June


BJHS students are invited use our gymnasium for unsupervised play during our
Youth Sport Drop In 5 days a week for FREE!

*Indoor sneakers required*

As school returns so does our Youth Sport Drop In (YSDI) program at the Prospect Road Community Centre. Since its inception, this program has seen a growth in popularity due to the convenience of youth being able to walk to the PRCC after school. Monday through Friday we open the gymnasium to youth for 1 hour, from 2:15-3:15pm, as an unsupervised play space, where they will have access to balls and equipment to create their own teams and games. Excluded dates do apply, where the program will not be available for youth, on a bi-weekly basis due to other programs being offered and are posted monthly on the gymnasium doors for the youth to view. 

Once 3:15pm arrives, youth are asked to clean up their equipment as we prepare for the arrival of our large After School Program. In the past, youth have used the time following the YSDI program as a social opportunity to hang out with friends at the PRCC. This has not been without its fair share of challenges for the PRCC staff. We have experienced on several occasions large messes of food wrappers being left behind by youth using our street area, along with loud conversations involving inappropriate language and content being overheard by the many young children using our facility at the same time. In some cases, fights, arguments and roughhousing have taken place, along with running in and out of the facility, all of which are not acceptable behaviours in our public space. If youth are found acting inappropriately or disrespecting our space, they may be asked to leave the facility and/or parents/guardians may be contacted regarding their behaviours.

As the ROC/ PRCC is operated as a not-for-profit community organization, we do not have the day-time staff capacity to offer supervision to the youth who visit during the after-school hours. These youth are left to use the facility on their own accord and we understand that in some instances this is the first time youth are being left to their own devices, away from parental supervision. We are prepared to offer guidance and ensure youth are aware of our expectations, however, we ask that parents/guardians explain to their youth that the PRCC is a public space to be enjoyed by the entire community and must be respected as a place of business.

We are proud to be a space that the youth enjoy; we will continue to offer the YSDI program and youth are welcome to use the public space as long as it is used in a respectful manner.