Fitness Centre

The fitness centre will reopen on Monday, October 18th.  Due to staffing shortages and cleaning protocols, the hours of operation, for the time being, will be reduced from our pre-pandemic operations.  In an effort to bring this service back to the Prospect Communities, and as hiring has been a challenge for us as well as many other not for profits and businesses in the service industry, we felt it was important to open based on what staff coverage we currently have as opposed to waiting.

A weekly schedule of the fitness centre hours will be posted to this page and our FaceBook page.

The province of Nova Scotia has announced that ‘effective October 4, 2021, people are required by law to show proof that they are fully vaccinated to participate in discretionary, non-essential events and activities where people gather together. Participants (12yrs+) will be asked to provide proof of vaccination & identification upon arrival at the facility and adults accompanying children 11yrs or younger must also comply. We will not be collecting or keeping records of vaccination status; patrons must show proof of vaccination during each visit. Full details can be found by clicking here. 

Hours Of Operation:
Fitness Centre hours will be posted to this page and our FaceBook page on a weekly basis.  Please plan your workout to accommodate our open hours; we ask that your workout ends at the closing time (if we close at 2pm, please ensure your workout is finished at 2pm).

**Please note that the above hours are based on our employee’s current availability; unavoidable issues like illness & emergencies may result in last-minute changes to the schedule.  We will provide as much notice as possible to this page as well as our Facebook page.


At this time our Fitness Centre is only open to members, we are not accepting drop-in’s/day passes.  If you wish to use the Fitness Centre you will need to purchase either a punch pass (available in 10 or 20 visits, no expiry date) or a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or 12-month membership.

Note that existing members that were affected by our closure will have their memberships extended.  You will need to stop by the front desk before or at the time of your first visit back in order to ensure your membership is reactivated and credited the proper amount of time that we were closed.  If you wish to do this ahead of your visit to the facility we can also complete this process via phone at (902)852-2711.

In an effort to facilitate membership reactivation, members who reactivate their membership from Monday, October 18th-24th will begin their membership period from the date they reactivate, all other members will be dated to begin on Monday, October 25th, 2021.

Membership purchases, renewals and changes are only available during the open hours of the Fitness Centre.

The Fitness Centre:

Our Fitness Centre is equipped with various cardio and weight machines as well as free weights and accessories such as exercise balls, bosu ball, and resistance bands.

Our Fitness Centre is also home to the BEST members who are always willing to lend a hand to anyone that is unfamiliar with the facility.

Our locker rooms are appointed with a shower, lockers, and washroom facilities. Note that combination locks are not available on-site, patrons are encouraged to bring their own.

Please note that the showers in the changing rooms are not available at this time.

** Prices are effective October 17th, 2021 **

 1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year10 Visits20 Visits
Youth (Age 15- 18)$46.00$108.00$177.00 $255.00 $39.00$58.00
Adult 19+$59.00$141.00$236.00 $349.00 $47.00$73.00
Senior 55+$46.00$108.00$177.00 $255.00 $39.00$58.00
Partners (2 adults, Same Address)$94.00$230.00$382.00 $552.00 NANA