Getting The Picture – Photography

Join local photographer, Simon Pont, for this 4-week series of learning and exploration. “Getting the Picture” is an informal and friendly approach to taking better photographs for beginners and experienced photographers alike. 

** Starting June 5th – Wednesdays – 7:00-8:30pm **

Class Description/Outline:

Week 1 – Photography basics

• Why take photographs?
• Cameras and Equipment
• Project of the week
Week 2 – The importance of light in photography
• Using light
• Focus, Shutter speed, Aperture and Sensitivity
• Project of the week
Week 3 – Composition and choice of subjects
• Choosing your subject – Action, Wildlife, Nature, Portraits, etc.
• Picking the best time.
• Project of the week
Week 4 – Editing and printing
• Post-processing
• Accuracy vs Art

Session Lead: Bio
Simon is originally from the United Kingdom, moving to Canada with his wife and daughter in 2007. He settled in
London, Ontario and they moved to Brookside, Nova Scotia in December 2018.

Simon’s journey in photography started over 40 years ago when he first picked up a camera and started capturing
images of the world around him. Simon’s first cameras were “point and shoot”, with the exposed film being sent away
for processing.

A big upgrade for Simon was when he bought an Olympus OM10 35mm Single Lens Reflex camera and the
challenge was on. By 2000, Simon had moved into digital photography.

It has been a journey of discovery with very little formal training in photography. Simon has learned through
experimentation and by listening to and learning from others. Simon has used his passion for travel to find new
subjects and scenes to share. Simon loves to photograph the natural world, from big landscapes and ocean views
down to the minute world beneath our feet.

Simon’s father was a big influence in his work. As a watercolour painter, Simon’s father taught him the importance of
taking time to ‘see’ a scene and create compositions that capture and interpret the moment. As a result, Simon often spends time sitting and absorbing his surroundings before using his camera to create images
and art. Simon now produces images available for purchase in full-frame, high definition format.

For questions & to register please contact our front desk at 902 852 2711.


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