Program Descriptions – Spring

The ROC/PRCC understands that recreation and socialization within a community is incredibly important for both the physical and mental health of its residents.

Over the past year, the ROC management team has participated in a pilot training program called Recreation for Mental Health. Through this learning, we have identified barriers that may stop someone from participating in the recreation we offer due to, but not limited to, a mental health issue. We have been working hard to reduce and eliminate these barriers in the hopes to better support the Prospect Communities and eliminate the stigma associated with mental health.

One of the barriers people often experience is anxiety related to not knowing what to expect or do when attending a program. We have worked to reduce this by adding additional details to the program descriptions on this website. You will now find that the description includes the instructor’s name, what you will need to wear, gear that you need to bring as well as the room that the program is located in.

We’re hopeful that eventually, we will also be able to offer a virtual tour of the facility so that people can familiarize themselves with the building before they arrive on site.

Curious about the Instructor of a program?

You will find biographies for many of our instructors on the last few pages of the Program Description document.

Click here to download the Program Descriptions in PDF Format


Please note that not all program descriptions have made their way online. We will be adding additional descriptions as they become available.

We are also currently in the process of changing the format of our program descriptions to allow for an improved user experience. This process will be happening over the first few weeks of April – we invite you to revisit this page to try out the updates!